down memory lane
this blog is dedicated to mcfly. it'll be post here rare&old pics and some edits that i make such as icons, headers and photosets. feel free to request anything you want. hope you enjoy! xx


"Hi my name’s Dougie, I like hats"
—  Dougie Poynter on Tom Fletcher’s Instagram

McFLY Discography

(insp. x & x)

Just My Luck

Hello, I’m Dougie and I’m one half of the bass in McBusted. My favourite part of the tour was any of the shows, any moment where I don’t feel awkward. +

Dougie Poynter & Ellie Goulding attend Stella McCartney’s Green Carpet Collection show at LFW

AWESOME BLOG!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! In your Dougie's Profile photoset....where is the middle bottom pic from?? It's a closeup. Thank so much!

thank you so much! i dont know where its from :( but here’s the original one