down memory lane
this blog is dedicated to mcfly. it'll be post here rare&old pics and some edits that i make such as icons, headers and photosets. feel free to request anything you want. hope you enjoy! xx


#tbt when @idougahole needed the funk in his life

/At Ellie’s apartment


The Fletchers: ALS/MND Ice Bucket Challenge +

five colours in her hair - 2004 (x)

Danny Jones + social media


"Dougie matured a lot throughout our career. He was always very shy and over time he became more confident and now dares to do some jokes in our interviews. I’m very happy to see how he has matured but has not lost its naivety." – Harry Judd  

"The last time Danny spanked me, I lost my virginity."

love it

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I need a moment.

I envy a little personality of the other boys.(…) And Tom? He is the most special person I have ever met. - Dougie Poynter

Hey! So, do you know whether or not Danny's dad attended the wedding? Also can you link me to your McFly Facebook page please? Thank you :)

i dont think he was there, i cant be sure tho

and i dont upload all my pictures on my fb page only a few, but here it is

"When I saw Georgia, my legs shook. It was the most amazing view I’ve never seen." (Danny Jones) x

Every time I sit at the piano or guitar, Georgia comes in with her little chocolate voice and goes ‘Is that song about me?’ I’ve actually written a song for you today…All I need is to hold your hand. I give you my soul to love and to hold and I’ll still be loving you when I’m grey and I’m old. Oh, I couldn’t love you any more.”


Mr. & Mrs. Jones.